GRACE charity

GRACE = GeRman Assistance for Chipunga Employees

GRACE has been founded in 2004 by friends of Bernhard Schwarz, the managing director at Chipunga Farms.

Funds raised by GRACE facilitate social needs and improvement of basic health care, education, and livelihood to all employees and their 1st line relatives at Chipunga Farms. However, funding must be strictly in harmony with the guiding principles developed by GRACE.

To be successful in putting the plan into action two local committees have been empowered. Both committees are fully accountable to Chipunga Farms employees and towards GRACE in Germany.

Members of the committees have to be confirmed or voted out by Chipunga Farms employees always in December. The composition of the committees is reflecting the collective of Chipunga workforce with at least 2 members female and one youth representative among the members.

Demands on health care are worked on by the Health Committee (HC). Assistance in education, improvement of livelihood, and special projects are taken care of by the Chipunga Development Committee (CDC).

Any application including a budget quotation will be evolved by the designated committees and must be submitted in writing to GRACE. Supplementary all applications ought consider a self-contribution of 25% of the total cost which has to be covered by the recipients. Committees must give justification on the self-contribution. Support will be granted only if a claim matches the guiding principles which were distributed to the committees in English and Chitumbuka.

For the time being more than 70 members in Germany contribute to GRACE. Almost certainly this membership number and thus financial support will increase if the system is doing well.

We have reason to assume that the entire rural region neighbouring Chipunga Farms will derive benefit from our steady commitment to Chipunga employees and their families.

GRACE in the Web: (in German language only)